Prime Creator Solutions inc. (referred as to Prime)respects the protection of Client’s privacy / Personal Information and sets forth the policy as below.

Managing Personal Information

Prime shall address safety measures required to prevent leakage, loss, and alteration of Personal Information of Client and strictly manage Personal Information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Personal Information from Client shall be used to reply to inquiries, provide information from us, and inform operation.

Disclosing / Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Prime shall not disclose any Personal Information to third parties, except the cases that fall under any of the following items.

  • A case in which Client agrees upon
  • A case in which Prime discloses to an outsourcing company to perform services which Client requires
  • A case in which Personal Information is required to be disclosed in compliance with laws and regulations
  • A case in which any illegal activity was taking place
  • Or any other reasonable reason

Inquiry from Client

If Client requests to inquire, modify, and delete Personal Information, we shall address after confirming identity of Client.

Complying with, and Reviewing Laws / Regulations, and Discipline

Prime shall review this policy as required to improve it while complying with applicable laws / regulation in Japan, and other discipline with respect to Personal Information processed.