• Business Process Outsourcing Services

    Under present circumstances of rapidly declining birth rate and aging population, and more complicated business, companies are struggling to attract superior human resources at reasonable cost. Our outsourcing can solve such problems by providing the required services to companies. This also allows a significant business efficiency increase and cost reduction. In addition, we can provide optimal human resources through our own global network.

  • アウトソーシング
  • Global Procurement Services

    The most optimal global procurement which realizes the cost reduction of procurement for material and goods is now essential for companies. However, there are many risks and difficulties such as local practices, foreign exchange, settlement, laws and regulations, which do not usually occur in the domestic business. We can provide the most optimal procurement / logistic solution, and work on the procurement business on your behalf based on our abundant experience and reliable sources.

  • グローバルプロキュアメント
  • ICT Services

    ICT(Information and Communication Technology)field had a rapid growth, which has required extensive and cutting edge technology. We can utilize our own global network not only to work on Web creation management, mobile application development, data center operation, and ERP development operation but also to widely work on services related to ICT.

  • ICTサービス
  • Content Marketing Services

    Currently, the internet and media include so many contents. What is required for companies is to distribute contents which clients really require. We analyze, collect information, create and distribute valuable contents depending on individual requirement or situation to support clients’ needs from various perspectives.

  • コンテンツ提供
  • Big Data Analysis

    Recently, not only corporate data but also personal digital data is drastically increasing in accordance with the development of mobile, social network, and the cloud. It is challenging for businesses to promptly find the required data and statistically analyze it. In Prime Creator Solutions inc., professional analysts perform analysis which is helpful for the corporate activity strategy using the latest analysis technology.

  • ビッグデータ分析
  • Regional Creation

    Various problems occur in regional cities due to outflow / decrease of the population. Even though the internet is spreading currently, there are still a significant number of cases in which excellent local culture or traditional crafts is confined to the neighborhood. We brush up such properties, create new value, and distributes across the country and world to create a flow by which we can activate overall regions with everyone.

  • 地方創生支援