Cloud-based Supply Chain Platform P2GO™

In the information society which is incessantly evolving with a variety of devices newly born one after another, and with a linkage between all human beings and things through internet, it is one of the most enormous challenges for business firms to cope with the changes with agility and to secure a competitive advantage. Although most of Japanese firms have already been using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, they are arguably behind in systematization of areas incidental to ordinary operations. In order to implement the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle in business activities from various viewpoints, it affords the key that you modularize each one of business processes, build an information system to cope with the changes, and that you accumulate, analyze and utilize the data.

In a supply chain, sourcing and procurement are said to be particularly difficult to be standardized because they largely depend on human knowhow directly linked up with the business operations. As such it could bring great benefit to fuse the processes together beyond the boundaries of different firms and organizations, and to perform optimization.

The salient feature of P2GO™ is its customization capabilities with high degree of freedom of responding to customer’s requirements.
It also has rich functions, a high affinity with existing core systems, and high security built as solid protection. In theNew Normal times brought by the global coronavirus pandemic, cost saving and business efficiency can be realized through P2GO™ with remote work and digital collaboration.


IT Consulting Services

Security Consulting Service

The consulting service is mainly to provide professional IT security services to the client when introducing the Cloud system in the existing IT infrastructure (On premises, Hybrid-cloud, Multi-cloud, etc.) in accordance with the client IT rule. This service is to include the service of evaluation of As Is and proposal of the solution in the aspects of both IT and Human factors.

System Deployment Consulting Service

Procurement expenses of the enterprises are generally said to be more than 70% to 90% of total spending of the enterprises. Most of the clients, therefore, focus to the procurement in terms of the cost saving. By collecting and analyzing data of procurement, the appropriate item shall be procured at the appropriate price from the appropriate supplier. This way leads one of the best solutions in terms of the procurement, for example. The consulting services is mainly to provide the professional service of introduction of IT application to realize improvement of the efficiency of the process, appropriate control of procurement system, setting, monitoring and valuation for KPI and evaluation of suppliers’ performance, etc. in relation to the procurement.